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Regan Vineyard

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Why Regan?
by Ryan Beauregard

First and foremost, Regan is the only vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains growing one of my favorite varietals, Pinot Grigio. I fell in love with the varietal years ago. By 2010 I discovered Orange Wine, which is a process of fermenting white grapes on their skins. Traditionally, Orange Wine is made from Pinot Grigio. I did a small experiment in 2011 and became enamored with the results. We entered into a long-term contract with John Bargetto to purchase his fruit. What I like about the Regan Vineyard is its moderate climate; it sits on a bench just within the Santa Cruz Mountains boundaries on the borders of Watsonville, CA. The site is the coldest and slowest ripening site in California, allowing me as a winemaker to make Pinot Gris (French for Pinot Grigio) in a style consistent with my other wines. I am able to achieve a ripe flavor at low alcohol, while preserving the racy acidity that makes me love the Santa Cruz Mountains. I now make this wine in two ways: as an Orange Wine and as a White Wine.

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