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The Vineyards 

"Wine is made in the vineyard. Period. To this credit, at Beauregard we take great pride in the vineyards we grow and purchase fruit from. Our vineyard collections to this date come from years of family commitment and from admiration and sustainable partnerships with other farmers. My belief is that the Santa Cruz Mountains produce grapes of unparalleled quality and I have based my entire life's work on this belief. When I step foot into a vineyard, I know by looking at the soil, the surroundings and the vines what the wine's potential is. I look for high elevation, non-loamy soils, coastal fog, low crop yields, and slow ripening. These conditions yield wines with minerality, acidity and structure. These are wines that are age worthy and can be produced with full flavor at low alcohol levels. Life is short, and because of this I will only make wines from notable sites in partnership with the most skilled growers."      - Ryan Beauregard



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