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Muns Vineyard

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Why Muns?
by Ryan Beauregard

Muns Vineyard sits at an elevation of 2660 feet on the Summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Climatically this vineyard is beyond unique and is a true one of a kind location. I first visited the site when Ed Muns was planting the vineyard. He hired some of our crew to do brush removal and I was instantly intrigued by the site. As the vineyard matured, wines from the site began to emerge on the market. I knew that this vineyard was one I wanted to work with. The time came, and the opportunity arose to work with Ed Muns during the 2011 vintage. I knew that the wine would be site expressive. The ruggedness of the land and the extreme climate are present in the wines.  Additionally, Ed has become a pioneer in Pinot Noir. He has educated himself on nearly every aspect of the grape, and I admire him as a farming visionary. 

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