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Saturday the 6th & Sunday the 7th

A Complimentary Wine Club Only 'Soft Opening'

& Rosé Release with Union Foodie Truck

The Menu
Asian Street Taco Plate by Union Foodie Truck
Two tasty tacos with a melody of flavors to tickle your taste buds. Corn tortillas with sriracha mayo, your choice of protein, pickled veggies, green onions, shredded cabbage our Mango Chili sauce and sour cream served with a side of Spanish rice, salad and tasty Union Tortilla chips. Protein options will be marinated tofu, shredded chicken, or carnitas. Featuring a refreshing flight of 5 wines including the brand new 2019 Estate Grown Rosé of Pinot Noir from the Beauregard Ranch.

The Details
We are following the mandated guidlines provided by the County of Santa Cruz
-Complimentary for club members for up to 4 guests and $20/pp for additional guests with a maximum group size of 6 people.
-We are mandated to be open by appointment only, and the regulations say that we cannot have people stay throughout the day. Therefore we are able to accommodate you and your group of four people for only 1 hour and 15 minutes and then we need to have some time to sanitize the tables for the next group.
-We have always been known as the family friendly winery but we cannot see a way to successfully social distance with children here so for the time being we will be 21 and over only.
-Food is required to be served on the same ticket therefore no outside food or beverage is allowed on the property.  
- Masks are required unless seated at a table
- All wine must be served with food seated at a table
-No tastings will be available at the bar
-No groups larger than 6
- Please stay at home if you are sick
- Please keep distances to 6 feet apart and avoid unnecessary contact


Please allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for your reservation so we have time to sanitize each table between visits. 

SATURDAY IS BOOKED. Resverations still available for Sunday. 

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