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The beginnings of the Ben Lomond Mountain & the Beauregard Ranch, one of the oldest continuously farmed vineyards in California  


1850s Logging camp begins in Bonny Doon, which is named after The Banks O’Doon by Robert Burns, the Scottish poet famous for the song Auld Lang Syne

How Bonny Doon got it's name

pre-1871 John B. Williams owns Pine Flat Ranch (the beginning of the Beauregard Ranch Vineyard)

1871, 6 years after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated,  Fritz Quistorf purchases Pine Flat Ranch. Fritz is married to Maggie Burns, who happens to be related to Robert Burns

1875 Fritz Quistorf begins working the land

1880 - The Origin of the Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Industry by Michael R Holland

1887 Grapes are planted on the Quistorf Ranch

View the Quistorf Ranch farming journal

1887 The Ben Lomond Wine Company makes wine in the Santa Cruz Mountains 

View the article about the Ben Lomond Wine Company

1906 New vineyard planted, listed as Carbonat, Zinifadell and Shavenoe grapes in the Quistorf family journal 

1914-1918 During WWI women work in the Quistorf vineyard 

1920 Clinton Quistorf takes over vineyard from his father Fritz 

1920-1933 Prohibition: Grapes are sold in small amounts for home winemaking. Limited to 200 gallons/year

1940 UC Davis plants an experimental vineyard on the Quistorf Ranch

1940-1945 WWII leads to smaller sales of grapes to local wineries, including Locatelli and Bargetto in Santa Cruz and Wente in Livermore


1945 Amos Beauregard purchases 13 acres of the original Quistorf Ranch

1970 Emmett (Bud) Beauregard takes over

late 1970s Jim Beauregard starts Felton Empire Winery

1980 Beauregard Ranch Vineyard is replanted

1981 Santa Cruz Mountains Viticultural Appellation is federally recognized

1987 Ben Lomond Mountain AVA is federally recognized 

View the original application put together by Jim Beauregard

1990 Bald Mountain Vineyard is planted, 32 acres

2000-Present Day

1999 Ryan Beauregard makes his first Chardonnay 

2000 Beauregard Vineyards is established

2003 Wine Tasting Room on the Santa Cruz Wharf opens

2005 Beauregard Ranch is replanted 

2008 Beauregard Vineyards aquires Bonny Doon Vineyard’s winery on Pine Flat 

2008 Coast Grade Vineyard planted, 17 acres

2020 Beauregard Vineyards surives the CZU complex wild fire in Bonny Doon

Santa Cruz Mountains Winemakers Grapple with Aftermath of Fire

2024 the Beauregard family begins the 79th year of wine growing


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