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Coast Grade Vineyard

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Planted in 2008, Coast Grade Vineyard is named after the original road that lead Bonny Dooners to the coast road (now HWY 1) in the late 1800’s.  The road was later to be called ‘the road to Bonny Doon’,  the name then morphed into Bonny Doon Road.  The vineyard is located on the corner of Bonny Doon and Smith Grade road. 

We feel that the terroir of Coast Grade Vineyard is unparalleled by any grape growing site in the world.  The vineyard sits at 1238 to 1,350 feet elevation right at the fog line, roughly three miles from the Pacific Ocean.  These attributes ensure that the growing season is temperate and that the grapes are slow ripening.  This extended growing season leads to berries with greater intensity and allows for more terroir to be absorbed into the grapes prior to harvest.  The saline essence on the palate of the wine (taste)  imparted from the coastal fog as well as the redwood duff on the nose (smell), make it an incredibly site expressive wine.

Aside from the elevation and coastal proximity, one of the biggest attributes that drew us to this site is the vineyard's relation to the former Cemex/Lonestar limestone quarry.  The underlaying limestone in the vineyard imparts an incredible minerality to the wine, reminiscent of a rocky creek bed with cold water passing over. 

The vineyard is broken into four clonal blocks: Pommard, 828, 667 & 115.  

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